Spring Easter break. We will have a short pause until the 15th of April. Our teashop will be closed and we will post your orders after we return.
Pre-Order Qingming 清明 – Green Tea Selection 2021

Pre-Order Qingming 清明 – Green Tea Selection 2021

Pre-order our most exciting early picked green teas.
We have prepared a tea tasting box with the following primeur greens.
The selection is available for pre-orders until the 13th of April, we will ship the box when all the teas arrive, in mid May the latest.

5 x 30g fresh pre Qingming green tea, all the way from China

No.329 Duyun Maojian Fine Buds 2021
No.345 Long Jing 2021
No.345/s Long Jing Supreme 2021
No.346 Anji Baicha 2021
No.346/s Anji Baicha Supreme 2021

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4th of April 2021. The Qingming Festival in China.
For the occasion we have prepared a pre-order option for our exciting Pre-Qingming picked green teas.
You can read about this festival and it’s important role in the Chinese tea world here in our blogpost on Qingming.

In this tea selection you will be able to compare different grades of teas from the same region, only the picking time is different, a nice experience to savour through the green tea regions.

The teas are arriving now in April, so we will be able to send you the pre-ordered box latest by early, mid May. We do our best to send them asap, so that you can savour the new vintage right away.

The teas in this selection are also available for pre-order separately, you can find them under the pre-order hashtag.

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