Traveling tea set Traveling tea set

Traveling tea set

capacity: 150 ml
material: ‘purple’ clay

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A perfectly fit assembly of a lidded filter, pitcher and 3 cups.
Use the filter with the lid to control the infusion time, and lay it in the cup holder to keep the leaves warm while sipping. There is a metal mesh on the bottom of the filter.

The gaiwan was made of a so called ‘purple-clay’ from Fujian, similar to the one used when making yixing teapots. The clay was burned for more than 20 hours between 300-1300 C. This clay too remembers the tea prepared in it, so it is recommended to use it with only one type of tea, and to properly season it before the first usage:

  • put the pot in a bowl filled with enough cold water to rise over the wear
  • heat the water till boiling
  • wait another 10 minutes
  • take out the pot and let it dry

If you know what kind of tea (e.g. dark oolong) you want to use it with follow the steps below:

  • pot the pot in an empty bowl
  • brew enough of the desired tea as to rise over the wear
  • wait till the tea cools down
  • take out the pot and let it dry

Please watch the demo video we made with this travel set:

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