A brief introduction about our data management

The Zhao Zhou tea website is operated by Zhao Zhou tea Ltd.

At this time visiting Zhao Zhou tea’s website without buying, reading or looking at articles or products does not involve registration, therefore no personal information is collected or stored.

In case of purchasing in our webshop, in order to complete the order we will store the following information:

Registered customers’ orders and data are automatically stored.

However, for statistical purposes, anonymous, generalized data is collected for us by Google Analytics. We are not transferring any personal data to Google Analytics, and all IP addresses are anonymized (the last part of the IP address is not sent (for further information follow this link).

Additionally, Google Analytics system can also collect the following information:

We use these data to better understand the customs of our visitors so as to map which products, articles, videos and services are the most popular and what improvements should be made in the future.

All the above mentioned data is managed by Google.
For more information about Google’s privacy policies, please visit https://policies.google.com/privacy

To protect our IT system and to exclude any possible errors, we are storing IP addresses and the URL of pages viewed on our web server. This information is not forwarded to third party organisations and applications, and is only accessible to the administrators who are operating our web server. All data is automatically and permanently deleted from our system after 3 months. This data is managed by our webhosting service provider, Viacom Ltd.

Some of our content may include embedded content from other external providers such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We do not send any data to these providers and they can only collect anonymised data for statistical purposes.

The privacy principles of external service providers we use:

Anyone can request permanent deletion of their data at any time. In such cases, please contact us at tea@zhaozhoutea.com.


We use MailChimp’s newsletter system to send newsletters to our customers, which meet the requirements of GDPR. We only send newsletters to those who have agreed to it, by actively signing up for our newsletters (either on our website or in person at one of our tea events). To unsubscribe see the link at the bottom of our newsletters.

MailChimp’s Privacy Policy is available at: https://goo.gl/RP6EC9