The good tea

Good tea does take care of you. The main point that it is coming from old trees. You can feel the difference, or if not now, you can learn to feel it through your body and sensations.

Puer tea

The oldest trees in the world are hundreds of years old, sometimes even thousands. The tea coming from these trees brings a feeling of calmness and naturalness. These teas can be stored for a long time, the leaves will mature and transform.

In the Southern part of China, near the Burmese border, in shady groves embraced by subtropical forests, tea trees grow, trees planted hundreds of years ago. Zhao Zhou’s wild teas are made of those leaves. They taste strong and bring about a transcendental experience.

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White tea

After a short period of parching on the sun the picked leaves are dried on a lower temperature without any additional process. During the parching the leaves will be a little bit fermented.

White tea has been grown since old times on the slopes of the hills along the Eastern coastline of China. Very little processing is done during production. There are several different kinds of leaves: gentle, fresh, young, and more aromatic varieties. The latter are more suitable for mellowing, aging.

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Nepal tea

The Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden has tea cultivars, varieties from Darjeeling, Taiwan and China. On this small farm skillful female hands craft the artisan teas  with different levels of fermentation.

On the Eastern mountains of Nepal, at heights of 1600-2000 meters in the Himalayas, under snowy peaks, tea is grown on organic plantations. Artisan hand crafted teas are produced with special attention and care. Tranquillity of the mountains, clarity, space, and freedom are present in the tea.

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Dancong oolong

The color of oolong tea ranges from turquoise green to light brown, depending on the level of fermentation it went through. It got its name, black dragon (烏龍 oolong), after a darker sub-version.

The making process of this special tea was crafted 500 years ago on the rocky phoenix mountains in Guandong province. The leaves are going through a special fermentation where they are rolled and dried on embers and the result is the well-known long leaves with dark color and fruity aroma, which is called Dancong Oolong tea.

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Liu Bao dark tea

This tea has an even darker tone than black tea and in China this is a lesser known tea. In every case these teas are post-fermented to get a new, deeper dimension.

Transported on the tea caravans the leaves often got wet in the rain which continued their fermentation. This is how people discovered dark tea. Our Liu Bao is from Guangxi which is mostly famous of its oddly shaped mountains. This tea is post-fermented in huge baskets for 15 days which gives their unique earthy taste notes.

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