Thermos & teamaker Thermos & teamaker Thermos & teamaker Thermos & teamaker

Thermos & teamaker

perfect gadget for travel and office
convenient, easy to use

238 ml total volume bottom vessel, double wall glass
150 ml volume for upper part, simple glass

*new handle design


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How to use it.

Separate the three parts,
place tea leaves in the smaller chamber, 3-4 gram should be sufficient.
Fill the bigger chamber with water up to 4/5.
first place the strainer on the smaller chamber, turn it, then screw it onto the bigger thermos part.
Slowly turn the thermos upside down so that the water can flow to the tea leaves.
Leave it as long as you want the steeping to last, we would recommend usually 30-50 s, depending on the tea type and your taste.
When ready turn back the thermos and unscrew the top.

The tea is ready. Have a great time, enjoy your tea.

Materials used: borosilicate glass, plastic, stainless steel, silicon.

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