Silence 2021 Autumn No.539 Silence 2021 Autumn No.539

Silence 2021 Autumn No.539

high mountain rolled oolong tea
Qing Xin (青心) varietal with the power of silence
ethereal tastes, deep calmness

1400 m
Taiwan, Shan Lin Xi (杉林溪)

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Taiwanese oolong from the autumn harvest of Shan Lin Xi (杉林溪, pine forest). Silence, quietude, calmness.

This region is one of our favorites, Shan Lin Xi teas have constantly been in our assortment since 2016. Previously, we always ordered from the spring harvest. But this year we tried the autumn batch and silence came. Worth to give attention to that special tea, thus we can experience the power of silence. Elegant, eternal tastes with asparagus and a bit of butter, and amazing texture. The silent calmness of this special tea can helps us to deepen and create.

Shan Lin Xi, with its altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, is amongst the highest tea-growing areas in Taiwan. The cooler temperature slows the growth of tea leaves thus resulting in smaller and more tender leaves. These leaves, similar to those of a gyokuro, are richer in both amino acids and caffeine.

Tasting notes:
Steamed gaiwan: milk, cream, elegant notes
Tastes, feeling: Distrained, ethereal notes compared to the spring harvest. A very elegant tea with nice butter-like flavors. Later, delicate floral notes, fresh asparagus, and nettle tea. The tastes are overcome by the effects, a few sips and the world slows down. It’s like the volume has been turned down, and calmness descends like morning mist.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 150ml gaiwan.
Water temperature: 85-95ºC. From fresh spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 20…seconds
Infusions: 6-8

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