Matcha workshop - Make your own

New Matcha teas arriving. Learn how to make your own matcha drink! We guide you through this hands-on matcha whisking class. Everyone will create their own matcha drink, for the menu price. Matcha ushu-cha, Matcha koi-cha, Matcha latte or Matcha tonic. We can welcome three participants at a time, please wait for your turn.

Starts at 11:00 3 hours
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Zhao Zhou breakfast and tea by Choco & Tahini

We started a monthly social tea event on Saturdays. At this meet ups we will feature 3 kind of tea, with matching fingerfood and breakfast serves. Please with buying your ticket online secure your place for the breakfast. We calculated a relaxed 2 hours for the event till we open at 11.

EUR 18.72 Starts at 09:00 2 hours
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Teaműhely - Introduction to tea - give as a gift

Open date ticket. We organize tea tasting events from the basics to advanced practices monthly. Introducing tea growing areas, tea varieties, the best way of preparing tea daily and for guests. Our courses are now in Hungarian, but if you would like to have your own tea class just invite your friend and contact us. Here you can purchase a gift ticket, which can be used at any tea basic class within a year.