We know each other since the beginning of the 1990-s, when we started our studies in Beijing. We both had a scholarship, so we could learn and also explore China. Peter studied Chinese medicine, Gábor economics.

Péter stayed in China since than, getting very deep in TCM (tradicional chinese and also tibetan medicine), meditation and puer.

Gábor has rediscovered tea, after 16 years in wine business, around 2010, when a great experience of drinking a 50-60 years old puer occured.

We are now in a learning process, tasting puer from different regions, different tea making methods and our goal always is to find good drinking, flavorsome teas with a long aftertaste. For us aftertaste does not finish in the mouth or throat, but keeps on going into each cells, channels so finally we can experience something calm and sharp, which is beyond words.

When tasting puer, there is a point, when only your body can tell and feel the differences between teas, the age of the tree it is coming from, the message behind the taste. So we inspirit everybody to taste puer and learn to listen to your body.

Since, we have tasted many teas and still searching and focusing on the effect, and message of the tea. It can be an aged white tea or a nice lingering Himalayan artisan craft tea, if we feel connected to it, we purchase and introduce.