Tea brewing experiences at our Tealab in Lánchíd utca

For on-site tea brewing, you can reserve a table for two, for a two-hour interval for brewing your tea. You choose a tea and discover the flavours and aromas of the tea through several infusions, brewed in the Asian traditional style.

The price of the tea experience is either 5300 or 8500 ft, depending on the tea chosen, and includes accompanying snacks.
Our opening hours are
Thursday, Friday 1-3, 3-5, 5-7 pm.
Saturday  11am-1pm,  1-3,  3-5 pm.

If you would like to book an appointment within this time slot, e.g. for 4 pm., please note that we can only offer space for this time slot in the first instance, e.g. until 5 pm.
Matcha tastings are available at the counter, where we can reserve a seat for one hour.
To reserve a seat, please email us at shop{@}zhaozhoutea.com. Thank you.


The enjoyment of tea begins with the brewing process. Share a pot of tea and enjoy brewing at the table together with your friends. The front of the store functions as a regular tea shop, but at the back we designed a space for social gatherings.

Making tea does not need to be burdened with rigid rules or set ideas about the right and wrong ways to do things. Although we suggest you to follow some guidelines and after following them for a while, you may want to explore different periods of steeping, amounts of tea or temperatures, until you find the ones that work best for you. Follow your own intuition and enjoy the nuances, the complexity and character with each infusion.

We hold regular thematic tea tastings to develop our tea knowledge, and to learn about your opinion on our tea selection. If requested we will inform you about the times and dates of these tastings but you can also check our website Events page and facebook page to see our programs.

Until we meet personally you can order tea through our website which will be deliver to your door.

Our Address: 1013 Budapest, Víziváros, Lánchíd utca 5.

Thursday 1 – 7 pm.
Friday 1 – 7 pm.
Saturday 11 – 5 pm.


Opening hours Address your letter to the Tealab.

Do tell us your tea experiences.  Wherever, tea needs space, time, friends and sharing.

Zhao Zhou tea
Lánchíd utca 5.
H-1013 Hungary
Telephone: +36 20 267 3903