Matcha tonic for the Summer heat 

There are many ways to enjoy Matcha, most recently the one made with fizzy and chilled tonic water became a real hit. Many of our customers claimed it to be the best drink for hot days and asked for the recipe. So please find below how to make it. Enjoy!

How to prepare

Prepare a thicker, whisked hot matcha 40 ml water with 2 grams of Zhao Zhou matcha. We use No.335 Daimatsu Great Pine 大松 2021 this Summer. The best result comes using a chawan (matcha bowl) and chasen (matcha whisk), but relatively good result can be obtained with an electric hand whisker as well. Serve with ice in the glass, some like to add lemon or lime to it as well. Enjoy!

Matcha tonic recipe

– 2 grams of ceremony grade Zhao Zhou matcha tea powder
– 40 ml of 80 degrees water, preferably with filtered or mineral water
– 100 ml cold tonic

Whisk the matcha well until all the bigger bubbles disappear
put some ice and pour 100 ml cold tonic on it
finally add the whisked matcha, slowly pour it on the ice, so the final result will be a layered drink, for best enjoyment mix up the drink

For places to enjoy our matcha drinks visit our Tea locator, with a map of all the best tea serving places in town.

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