Iced Matcha tea for the Summer heat 

There are many ways to enjoy Matcha, but probably the easiest way is using a cocktail mixer for the job. We found that many of our guests visiting our Lánchíd utca shop in Budapest enjoy it.

How to prepare

To make it as simple as possible, put some ice in the shaker, strain 2 grams of Zhao Zhou matcha powder on the ice then add some water. We mostly put 80 ml of clean spring water. Close the shaker and shake it well for about a minute or a bit more.
Serve with ice in the glass, some like to add lemon or lime to it as well. Enjoy!

Iced Matcha tea recipe

– 2 grams of ceremony grade Zhao Zhou matcha tea powder
– 100 ml of cold water, preferably with filtered or mineral water
– decent amount of ice

and you will need a strainer and a cocktail shaker
You can also try to add your drink to your Summer favorite drink as well or just simply enjoy the great Matcha taste.

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