Gallery from the Likou tea market

Our teahunter journey in 2019 led through four interesting Chinese provinces. We started at Sichuan than towards the end of the trip we left Wuyuan to Huangshan city, Anhui. From there we went up to the hills of the famous Qimen 祁门 county. We met a lot of kind people, we made new friendships and found really exciting teas also. On our journey, we took a trip to the famous tea market in Likou town. The small producers sell their daily fresh harvest here. Unfortunately, we can’t show you the amazing smell, which surrounds the whole market, but we try to evoke the unique feeling of this traditional place with the photos below.

Our first article about Qimen county is located under this link, we wrote about one of the most famous Chinese black tea and the tradition of green teas in Qimen county. Our amazing Keemun teas are available in the webshop: