It is like a good and efficient stock exchange: we receive and taste all kinds of different teas, then as quickly as possible choose and get the best ones from Jun Chiyabari tea garden. They produce a great variety of teas, but of course each year the first teas of the year are the most sought after and these ones are sold quite soon, so one has to be really attentive.

In 2017, after having long tasting sessions we were especially lucky with getting new teas. First flush blacks, such as Himalayan Spring and Himalayan Spring HSPO have just arrived. We also made some rare discoveries like the very first Evergreen from a Chinese varietal and Himalayan Royal Ruby (only a very small batch available), also from Chinese cultivars. Both of the last two are full leaf teas with lovely, bending beauties. All the teas were organically grown and processed in Dhankuta, Nepal.
Come to Lánchíd utca 5. and taste them or please find the webshop links below the article.

When drinking tea one gets an insight into another land and its culture – that is the real beauty of it.

First Flush Spring 2017 No.622                                                                   Himalayan Royal Ruby 2017 No.625

June 2016 Budapest

About a year ago we spent a few wondrous days in Budapest with the founders of  Jun Chiyabari tea garden. Together we held a tea class and visited Tokaj wine region. Just today one of our customers who attended the Tea Class was asking about the follow-up. We, too, very much hope to welcome Bachan and Lochan Gyawali again.

Tea Class in June 2016 at Bortársaság Kossuth tér.


Bachan Gyawali founder of Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden, Nepal. Péter Galambos and Gábor Tálos founders of Zhao Zhou tea.

June 2016 Tokaj

We made a two-day tour visiting Tokaj, Hungary’s best-known wine region. The weather was marvelous, the company perfect, so first we drove down to Tolcsva.

We visited the historical cellars of Oremus winery then we crossed the hills to Attila Homonna, the young and energetic maker of full-bodied white wines. Later on, there was another great meet-up and wine-tasting with István Szepsy, one of the legendary winemakers in Mád. It was interesting to experience the similarities of tea and wine culture, and also to make good friendships.

Attila Homonna in his winery Erdőbénye, Tokaj



Bachan Gyawali Nepali tea maker with world-famous and most-modest winemaker, István Szepsy.
They have much in common: enthusiasm for the land, nature, and craftsmanship.

So why did we just tell all it now? Because life is just an impression and it is good to lift ourselves up with these great, sunny memories.

Thank you Bachan for the teas, for the visit, we very much look forward to seeing you again.

Photos: Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden, Lőrinc Szendeff, Ágoston Horányi

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