Bodhi leaf strainer Bodhi leaf strainer Bodhi leaf strainer Bodhi leaf strainer

Bodhi leaf strainer

natural leaf
secondary filter to strain your brew
gains color and ages with your tea journey

each piece is unique, smaller sizes
* the price is for one piece

L: 9-12cm
W: 10-11cm
Size may vary as the raw material is natural.

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Made from the leafs of the famous Bodhi tree, Ficus Religiosa.

In Buddhism, bodhi means enlightenment, awakening, perfect knowledge or wisdom, and the heart-shaped bodhi tree leaves are icons related with Buddha, Zen and meditation. This plant-based tea strainer is delicately crafted from natural and fresh bodhi leaf with the leaf veins as filter mesh. Suitable for straining all types of loose tea.

Simply place it on top of the cup. Feel yourself quieted down as you watch the tea water slowly flow in through the leaf. Enjoy your relaxing teatime with the eco-friendly and minimalist accessory.

Cleaning the leaf. The filter mesh (leaf veins) is very fine. Slowly pour the tea with pot spout closer to the leaf.
After use, rinse gently with trickle water and let dry. Not for dishwasher.

It is said that Siddhartha Gautama, founder and spiritual teacher of Buddhism, attained his “bodhi” (enlightenment) circa 500 BCE under a Ficus religiosa tree. Such type of tree is therefore named “bodhi tree” and considered to be sacred. In religious iconography, bodhi tree is recognizable by its heart-shaped leaves and distinctive “drip tip”. It has a long lifespan, ranging on average between 900 and 1500 years. Visiting South-East Asian countries, you will find many of these trees around Buddhist monasteries.

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