Dangocha Gyokuro Uji 2023 No.351 Dangocha Gyokuro Uji 2023 No.351

Dangocha Gyokuro Uji 2023 No.351

Japanese shaded, nutritious tea
ethereal, fresh green with great health benefits
traditionally also can be eaten as a refreshing snack

Samidori & Ujihikari
Uji, Kyoto, Japan

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2023 vintage just arrived, taste it with joy.

The whole plantation is shaded for 3 weeks before the harvest of Gyokuro. This method helps to get tender and softer leaves with more amino acid and chlorophyll in them. After picking and withering comes the kneading and rubbing process. Through the special hand movements, the leaves separate, this is how the Gyokuro is formed. During this method, the smaller, finer leaves stick together and form the cylinder-shaped Dango tea. They sort out these amazing pieces from the Gyokuro one by one. This type of tea is only made in very small quantities. According to Mr. Yoshida it would be difficult to make this tea in large quantities because it’s made accidentally. Two cultivars are used for Dangocha: Samidori and Ujihikari.

This tea which is made of really tender leaves contains plenty of active ingredients, such as Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, catechin, caffeine, and other antioxidants.

Mr. Yoshida recommends also trying and consuming the dry leaves as a snack. Another way of enjoying it is after some brew, simply taste the steeped leaves with rice and soy sauce with a touch of salt.

Tasting notes:
Coming soon.
Read about our first experience with Dangocha in this blog article: Dangocha Gyokuro

Worth to use a glass pitcher to see the nice green particles in the thickly flowing creamy infusion. It’s raising our energy level gently, and pleasant sensations can be experienced.


Preparing Instructions:
according our dear producer

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 180ml
Water temperature: 60ºC, 80ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water, or filtered water
Brewing time: 5 min, 45… seconds
Infusions: 3-4 x

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