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Dong Li Chrysanthemum teapot – Yixing Zu Ni Dong Li Chrysanthemum teapot – Yixing Zu Ni Dong Li Chrysanthemum teapot – Yixing Zu Ni Dong Li Chrysanthemum teapot – Yixing Zu Ni

Dong Li Chrysanthemum teapot – Yixing Zu Ni

purplish brown Yixing Zu Ni clay
for special occasions
its unique form was inspired by Dongli’s famous poem

Created by: Mrs. Jun Hua
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Capacity: 150 ml

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Our friend retreated to a holy Taoist mountain, then built a teahouse and a cottage there.

She developed this unique teapot style and chose the specific type of clay with the help of her Yixing teapot master friend. They call the form Chrysanthemum since it’s reminiscent of the flower. The segmented body and the elegant thin handle also refer to this creative creation process and name selection.

The purple clay from around Yixing has been held in high esteem for centuries, it gives the best teapots. To work with it is really challenging, instead of wheel-thrown they use a unique handmade method. The teapots from the world-famous clay have an incredibly porous texture, thus these pots can remember the tea taste. The flavors are deposited in the gentle pores, then during regular use give more rounded tastes. Thus the best practice is to use a Yixing teapot for a specific tea type.

The master makes the Chrysanthemum teapot from two specific Yixing clays, we’d like to introduce the purplish-brown color Yixing Zu Ni. Due to the higher iron content, and the relatively larger particles we’ve got an outstandingly porous texture, the pot can highlight the stronger tastes. This pot could be an excellent choice for more strongly oxidized oolongs, matured sheng puers, shu puers, and dark teas.
The teapot is 150 ml, and the lid perfectly fits, fired in an 1160 ºC oven.

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