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Milan Xiang 2016 No.515 Milan Xiang 2016 No.515

Milan Xiang 2016 No.515

oolong tea
凤凰山 – Phoenix Mountain
Guangdong Province, China

Discover Feng Huang Shan - 凤凰山 (Phoenix Mountain) on the map →
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Strong, energising tea with golden brew that combines both roasted and flowery notes.
There can be no doubt whether or not it is a dancong from the Phoenix mountain: round, creamy body with sweet fragrance of orchid and acacia. The primal fiery notes later turn into a greener, deep sweetness.

The well-known phoenix oolongs are famous for their impressive fragrance and long-lasting, round, creamy flavour.

The term dancong (单枞) originally meant phoenix teas all picked from one tree. In recent times though it has become a generic term for all Phoenix Mountain (凤凰山, Fenghuang) oolongs. The dancongs’ name, as it does in this case too, often refers to a certain scent/savour.


Preparing Instructions: gaiwan 150ml teapot 350 ml
Quantity: 6 gramm 5 gramm
Water temperature: 95ºC 95ºC
Brewing time: 8-6-6 25-20-20
Infusions: 7-8 4-5


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