It is a pleasure to announce that our first art exhibition starts 19th of February. Come and join us at 7 pm at the opening ceremony or visit the exhibition later. Please register here for the opening event.

The artist behind a magical camera

Mariann Fercsik is a Hungarian photographer, based in England; she spent 4 weeks in China in 2014, documenting the lives of pollinators with her camera. She shot on 6×6 film with her Hasselblad 500 c/m, equipped with an 80 mm Zeiss lens.
Analog photography is a whole different approach than digital. Unlike artists using digital cameras, Mariann has only 12 frames to shoot on a 6×6 film roll, so she must make instant decisions on what to shoot (or not to shoot) and keep more contact with the subject of her photos.

Life without bees

Jiuxiang, a town in the southeast of Sichuan, is a major pear producer of the region. Each year in early March, when the trees begin to blossom, the farmers go out to their orchards and begin the hand-pollination process, utilizing a simple tool of bamboo rod and chicken feathers. The process is painstaking and labor-intensive as every flower on every tree is individually pollinated, using a delicate technique that takes several years to perfect.

Teas and pictures

“The world is changing continuously and so do humans within. There are better, very good, and harder moments. And still, behind the changes, there’s permanence, a timeless tranquillity, which we often experience while tasting majestic teas. This timelessness and vigilant tranquillity were familiar when we saw the pictures of Mariann Fercsik, that’s why we asked her to collect her photos for an exhibition in our tea shop. We would love to experience what our guests will come to while being accompanied by our teas and these pictures.” – Gábor Tálos, Zhao Zhou tea

You can register here for the opening event.

Mariann Fercsik photographer website: