Matcha with milk at any time of the day

The Japanese tea ceremony is like a hundred years old. The matcha drink which was made with care is given calmness and concentration to body and soul. However, we usually don’t have enough time in the everyday rush, but we would like to enjoy this healthy drink. In this case, the matcha latte – with milk or plant-based milk – is one of the best choices. We will show you how to prepare it in a few steps. This is a real pleasure even in the hot or cold versions.

How to prepare

For this drink, make the matcha traditionally, use a little bit less water to get a denser base drink. Heat the Chawan (tea bowl) with hot water, then wipe it to dry. After that, just strain the ceremonial grade Zhao Zhou matcha powder into the Chawan. Straining is one of the most important steps, it helps to get a smooth and easily mixable beverage. Mix the matcha powder and the hot water with the Chasen (tea brush). Firstly take some slow eight-shape movement, then mix it well with fast moves, approximately for a minute. If the foam contains only small bubbles, you have excellent matcha. Pour it into the choice of hot or cold milk.

Matcha latte recipe

– 2 grams ceremonial grade Zhao Zhou matcha powder
– 40 ml of 80 degrees water, preferably with filtered or mineral water
– 100 ml milk or plant-based milk, our favorite is the oat milk from Oatley barista

for the hot version we use a milk frother
for the cold version, we add some ice cube

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