During our Spring tea sourcing trip in China, in May our teashop in Lánchíd utca is closed. We open again on Friday, the 31st of May. We do ship online orders once a week. Orders placed till Wednesday will be dispatched on Thursday. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Banko-yaki teapot Banko-yaki teapot Banko-yaki teapot Banko-yaki teapot Banko-yaki teapot

Banko-yaki teapot

white glazed, amazing Japanese quality
nice pouring, glaze evolves with time

created by: Yamamoto Taisen, Mie prefecture.
10 pieces available at the moment

220 ml

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Banko ware has a 300 years old history. In the Genbun era, 1736-1740, Edo period, a merchant called Nunami Rozan got captivated by the Way of Tea, built a kiln in the town of Asahi, Mie prefecture, and started making his own pottery. What once started as a hobby of a merchant turned to be a world-renowned earthenware.

Japanese Banko clay teapots are constructed from iron-rich clay, known for excellent heat retention. The teapot is covered in a white glaze made from plant ashes.
Great for Japanese Greens, but works perfectly with Oolongs and Blacks. We use one of ours for fresh sheng Puers as well. Nicely keeps the floral and fresh greener notes.

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