Banna Green Buds 2023 No.355

Banna Green Buds 2023 No.355

vibrantly fresh and sharply bitter green tea
from 80+ years old trees in Yunnan
robust and tropical energies

Xishuangbanna 西双版纳州

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New tea producer in our green tea range. We have only bought old tree puer from them, this year for the first time we have ordered some Spring harvest green and black teas. The tea bushes are 80+ years old, organically farmed and the farmers picked beautiful small leaves for the teas. Watching the leaves open up after each infusion is visually captivating.

This green tea has perhaps the most vibrantly fresh and sharp bitter green notes in our selection.
We recommend trying different brewing methods, we think the lower temperature opens up the palette. The large-leaved Da Ye Zhong / Camelia Sinensis var. Assamica varietal growing into trees is mostly used to prepare puer teas and less for green teas, because the leaves are very robust.

Tasting notes:
Steamed notes: spinach, summer wildflower meadow, straw.
Brew: delicate florality, a hint of citrus.
Palate: refined, full-bodied yet airy, slight florals, meadow, raw green wheat grain. Very long aftertaste, with a hint of pine on the finish. Nectarine, peach skin. Sunflower sprout, lotus seed, pea consommé. After the sip, a few seconds later tropical dried papaya, mango notes appear. At one point it turns into a typical Yunnan sheng puer tea, with pine sprout, dry mowed grass notes. It starts off more subdued and builds in strength with infusions. It brings a strong cha-qi and a pleasant alertness of the old trees.
“I feel warm, like I’m in the tropics at noon. Like I’m rocking softly – in a hammock, or on a mattress.”
Prepared in a small gaiwan (100ml – 6g) at 75 degrees gives a beautiful elegant brew, while at 80 degrees it becomes more rustic, with a bite, more pine notes, oilier texture and fuller body.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 150ml
Water temperature: 75-80ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water, or filtered water
Brewing time: 8-15… seconds
Infusions: 4-6

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