Da Xue Shan 2006 No.801 Da Xue Shan 2006 No.801 Da Xue Shan 2006 No.801 Da Xue Shan 2006 No.801

Da Xue Shan 2006 No.801

Sheng puer tea from old trees
it is a truly big tea with strong Chaqi
make a special holiday from whichever weekday
Age of the Tea trees:
600 – 1000 years
大雪山 - Da Xue Shan
Great Snowy Mountain
Yunnan Province, China

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Harvested from 600-800-1000-year-old tea trees in 2006 in Yunnan, China. This is a truly uplifting tea, which can make a special holiday from whichever weekday. It requires time and attention to open up our body and soul.

This tea has one of the biggest Chaqi (tea energy) in our selection. The experience of Chaqi is a good feeling, which is like a meditation state of mind. The tea opens up our body and mind, and the Qi can flow fully. It creates calmness, attention, dynamism, happiness, and consciousness.

Da Xue Shan (大雪山), which is the Big Snowy Mountains, is located in the northern part of Yunnan province. The northerly climate has an interesting effect on the teas: they tend to have a fresher, more fragrant character that differentiates them from their southern relatives.

Our friends here pay extreme attention to the process of making the teas. Even for the shortest steps of withering, they cover the leaves with gauze so that they stay clean and unharmed by bugs and insects. This care echoes in the superb quality of every tea they sell.

Yunnan Province, China

Preparing Instructions:
Quantity: 6-8 grams per 180ml.
Water temperature: 90-95ºC. From fresh, cold spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 8-8-8-10…seconds
Infusions: 12-15

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