Da Xue Shan 2006 No.801

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Da Xue Shan 2006 No.801

sheng puer tea
Age of the Tea trees:
600 – 1000 years
大雪山 - Da Xue Shan
Great Snowy Mountain
Yunnan Province, China

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Harvested from 600-800-1000 year old tea trees, this tea is just great for unique evenings.
Simply give time to the tea to open up your body and spirit.

One of the most powerful experience of Chaqi in our selection.

Yunnan Province, China

Preparing Instructions:
Quantity: 6-8 gramm per 250ml.
Water temperature: 90-95ºC. From fresh, cold spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 8-8-8-10…seconds
Infusions: 15-25 (!)