During our Spring tea sourcing trip in China, in May our teashop in Lánchíd utca is closed. We open again on Friday, the 31st of May. We do ship online orders once a week. Orders placed till Wednesday will be dispatched on Thursday. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Da Xue Shan 2016 No.831 Da Xue Shan 2016 No.831 Da Xue Shan 2016 No.831 Da Xue Shan 2016 No.831

Da Xue Shan 2016 No.831

Discover Da Xue Shan - 大雪山 (Big Snowy Mountain) on the map →
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The pre-order period was between 6th and 25th of July 2016, now has been closed.
大雪山 – Da Xue Shan, the Great Snow Mountain, is in the northern part of Yunnan province, and is home to many ancient tea trees of more than 200-300 years of age. There are two main reasons why we always buy teas from this region. First, our tea grower friend in the area prepares the tea with meticulous care and artisanal methods. Second, we really like the cooling, wind like effects and lingering aftertaste of these area’s teas.

This year the tea leaves were harvested mid-March, which is quite early, so the tea has a mild, soft character with many buds and a white tea-like touch. The tea trees are 200-300+ years old, while some are even older in the tea garden. The tea starts out soft and tender, but later the depth and craft of the old trees show up in the richness and strength of this tea.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 gramm per 150 ml
Water temperature: 85ºC. From fresh, cold spring water or filtered water
Brewing time: 3-5-7…seconds
Infusions: 10-12

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