Explorer’s tea travel set Explorer’s tea travel set

Explorer’s tea travel set

the best companion for your travels with tea
gaiwan 150ml
glass fair cup 180 ml
4 cups 45 ml
tea towel
break proof travel case

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This Summer we have travelled with this set abroad, and also to nature. We were extremely happy using it, perfect companion. The gaiwan has a nice and very usable shape. The haze on the glass pitcher indicates the volume of the gaiwan.

Gaiwan 150ml, height: 8,4 cm, diameter: 8,2 cm
Glass fair cup 180 ml, height: 8,9 cm, diameter: 8,2 cm, bottom: 4,2 cm
4 cups 45 ml, height: 4 cm, diameter: 6 cm
Tea towel 4 pieces 8 x 8 cm, long towel 21 x 10 cm
Break proof travel case, 10,5 x 14,5 x 7,5 cm

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