Hong – Black tea selection Hong – Black tea selection Hong – Black tea selection Hong – Black tea selection Hong – Black tea selection

Hong – Black tea selection

Handcrafted black/red teas from all around the world.
Nepal, Taiwan, China. 紅茶
Floral, ipa, cocoa, caramel or mineral, taste them all.

No.601 Himalayan Spring FF 2022   30 g
No.643 High Mountain Black 2021   30 g
No.652 Tong Mu Guan 2022   20 g
No.642 Himalayan Imperial Black 2022   30 g rolled into small balls

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A tea that everyone knows well even from childhood memories.
Yet when you turn to them you can find many nuances, exciting flavours, atmospheres, effects.
In our selection now we present two Nepalese, one Taiwanese and one Chinese black tea for everyone’s pleasure. Interesting about the two Nepalese teas is that they come from the same altitude, but their preparation and the time of harvest are very different. Nice experience to compare them.
They are perfect teas to start the day, for afternoon tea and for contemplative conversations.

No.601 Harvested in the second week of the harvest, at the end of March, there are many buds and small first leaves. Mild rolling and oxidation does not darken the tea too much, only in the name is black tea, more reminiscent of green and white teas, with a citrus aftertaste typical of spring blacks. In the fresh spring harvest, we look for floral, refreshing notes. Quick infusions show floral spring notes, steeping a little longer reveals a very complex softer black.

No.642 was harvested at 1800 metres altitude in Nepal in the summer of 2021, in the morning, in clear, sunny weather. The Jun Chiyabari tea garden has thought of something and a small batch is now rolled into a ball shape as an experiment to make the tea easier to weigh, organise and serve. A total of 2 kg of tea was produced, an experimental quantity. The flavour has notes of cocoa, caramel and hazelnut.

No.643 Black tea with a spirit of an oolong.” Harvested in October 2021, autumn, at 1400 m altitude. The alpha species Qing Xin 清心, most commonly used for oolongs, gives the tea its interest and complexity.

No.652 The tea tea has a history of 450 years. The village near the Tong Mu Pass on the border of the Wuyi Mountains produced the world’s first black teas. To this day, it is considered one of the most unique black teas. The tea is made from the leaves of a 100-year-old local wild subspecies growing on volcanic, mineral soil at an altitude of 1,100-1,200 metres. This subspecies grows slowly, with long roots, so that the tea has a strong, excitingly complex flavour, can be steeped many times (10-12 times) and has a long, mineral aftertaste. After the third or fourth infusion, the message of the tea arrives nicely. A great experience of floral and deep notes indeed.


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