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Red Jade Gaba 2022 No.537 Red Jade Gaba 2022 No.537

Red Jade Gaba 2022 No.537

medium-roasted oolong tea
relaxing GABA effect
Red Jade, Hong Yu 红玉 cultivar

Zhongliao, Taiwan

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Red Jade, Hong Yu 红玉 cultivar is very fragrant and complex, usually used for black teas. Processed as a GABA it became an elevated spicy and rich tea, which warms you up and relaxes you deeply.

Gaba is an oxygen-free fermentation technique, developed in the early ’80s in Japan. During this process of anaerobe oxidation, a large amount of natural GABA, that is γ-aminobutyric-acid accumulates in the leaves. This compound is noted for its great muscle relaxant and stress-relieving effect.
Picked early spring 2022, 60-70% oxidized, fresh red fruits and flower bouquet.

Read more about the calming effects of Gaba teas in our blog.


Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 150ml.
Water temperature: 95ºC. From fresh spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 15-20…seconds
Infusions: 5-6

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