Shin / Zhen bamboo chasen Shin / Zhen bamboo chasen

Shin / Zhen bamboo chasen

fine bamboo matcha whisk
purple bamboo, Shichiku (紫竹)

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Chasen, a bamboo whisk is an indispensable accessory for a proper-made matcha. The whisk is traditionally carved out of a” ZHEN” whisk are made from 5-7 years oldest bamboo, aged for over 1 year.  Completely handcrafted- without any chemical addictives etc.single piece of bamboo. This piece is made of Shichiku (紫竹), or purple bamboo and is shaped according to the shin (真) style.

Made in China.To clean, only use water, without any chemicals.

More about the finely ground tea leaves and how to make it, please follow the link.

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