Explore – tea sampler box Explore – tea sampler box

Explore – tea sampler box

10 x 5g selected of our finest teas
white, green, oolong, black, dark and sheng puer tea

No.220 Yue Guang Bai 2019
No.332 Karigane Tomoshiraga 2020
No.338 Himalayan Evergreen 2019
No.539 Shan Lin Xi 2020
No.534 Gaba 2019
No.634 Himalayan Spring FF 2020 / No.618 Gushu Dian Hong 2019 *
No.642 Himalayan Imperial Black 2019
No.846 Nannuoshan 2016 – 6g ball
No.852 Da Xue Shan 2018
No.903 Anhui Dark 2015

* The teas are handcrafted, small batches, so there comes a time, when the content of the box changes. We marked the change. The box will contain just one of the two teas listed.

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Experience the different types, flavours, effects teas have. See for yourself and find your favourites. Get a taste of our selection.

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