Explore – tea sampler box Explore – tea sampler box

Explore – tea sampler box

10 x 5g selected of our finest teas
white, green, oolong, black, dark and sheng puer tea

No.217 Da Xue Shan Shou Mei 2018 / No.220 Yue Guang Bai 2019 *
No.332 Karigane Tomoshiraga 2019
No.343 Hubei Mountain Green 2019 / No.338 Himalayan Evergreen 2019 *
No.539 Shan Lin Xi 2019
No.537 Red Jade Gaba 2018 / No.534 Gaba 2019 *
No.634 Himalayan Spring FF 2019 / No.618 Gushu Dian Hong 2019 *
No.635 Keemun Black 2016 / No.642 Himalayan Imperial Black 2019 *
No.846 Nannuoshan 2016 – 6g ball
No.852 Da Xue Shan 2018
No.903 Anhui Dark 2015

* The teas are handcrafted, small batches, so there comes a time, when the content of the box changes. We marked the change. The box will contain just one of the two teas listed.

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Experience the different types, flavours, effects teas have. See for yourself and find your favourites. Get a taste of our selection.

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