Green Heart – Qing Xin tea selection Green Heart – Qing Xin tea selection

Green Heart – Qing Xin tea selection

Qing Xin / Chin Xin 青心 green heart
Selection of teas made of a legendary tea varietal in Taiwan.

No.341 Taiwan Primeur Green Green Bi Luo Chun 2022   30 g
No.539 Shan Lin Xi 2022   30 g
No.546 High Mountain Gaba 2022   30 g
No.643 Formosa High Mountain Black 2021   30 g
No.539 Silence – Shan Lin Xi 2021 Autumn   6 g

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Qing Xin / Chin Xin 青 心

One of the most legendary tea varieties in Taiwan. On the island called Formosa by the Portuguese, this varietal of floral, pleasant, buttery green flavors is very popular. It originally came from the Chinese province of Anxi with tea farmers in the late 19th century. To this day, the most popular high mountain teas are made from it.

The meaning of Qing syllable is very interesting. Originally the color seen at the junction of the green field and the blue of the sky called Qing . It can also be translated into turquoise green and blue.

We selected four remarkable, exciting teas in this selection. Interestingly, three of them were made from Shan Lin Xi Mountain, at nearly the same height, and from the same variant, Qing Xin 青 心. There are similarities in the teas that can be discovered during the tasting. The high mountain purity, alert, focused effect plus the greenish floral notes of the tea subspecies are present in each. Shan Lin Xi 杉林溪 is located in central Taiwan, with its highest production areas at an altitude of 1,600 meters.

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