Sometimes when you are at home or in the office, you find yourself in the #wannadrinktea mood,
but do not want to start a whole tea session.
We found that this little glass tea gadget makes the difference. Just between normal tea making and
the gongfu style, the AB glass teapot brings an additional artisan feel.

In-house we just call this little creature Angry Bird.
The strainer conveniently can be placed on the lid, so you can easily control the tea-making timing. But probably the easiest way to brew your tea with AB teapot is to place a sufficiently sized teacup and pour the ready tea straight into it.
3-4 grams of quality tea leaves should be enough for this little creature.

Some recipes which worked well for us. You can try also with similar teas:
No. 217 DXS Shou Mei 2018
First, we used 4g, but most of the guests who have tried felt it a bit too strong,
so next time we reduced so the final is: 3g, 85 degrees, 130 ml, 10s, 4-5x
Nice flowery taste, it’s smooth and round with 3g.
No. 341 Taiwan Primeur Green 2019 4g, 85 degrees, 130 ml, 40s/50s/50s Nice and fresh.
No. 634 HSP FF 2019 4g, 85 degrees, 130 ml, 45s/45s/40s/35s
No. 705 Körte Bodza / Pear and Elderflower 10g, 95 degrees, 130 ml, 3 minutes, 3-4x Sweet, thick, juicy.

Handmade in Taiwan.


Photo by the incredible: Inspirationholic
The hands and great help of : Miklós Horvát, mihophoto

Try with these teas