Puer arrivals

One of the most exciting Puer teas we ever found was in this Spring. Taste them all.


Every month we organise tea classes, thematic special workshops, breakfast events. We believe that tea is a wonderful way for connection and friendship.

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Cold brew

On the mountains of Japan to reduce the Summer heat it has been a long tradition to use a special brewing technique called Mizudashi. They put the tealeaves to soak in cold water for a whole night, next day morning after straining the drink bought ultimate freshness. Our favourite ratio as follows, 8-10 gram of tea leaves, 1 liter cold water, keep it for 6-8 hours in a refrigerator or cold cellar. Strain, let it warm up a bit in the room to have more flavours. Enjoy!

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Tea hunters

Every year we roam the tea mountains of Asia to find, taste and bring back the most exciting teas, the best finds. It is uplifting to meet so many nice, skilled tea makers who share the same passion for tea. We always look for teas with special characteristics representing the mountain, the varietals or teas with a message.

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Green legend

Matcha, one of the coolest and most healthy drinks of Asia since centuries. The fine ground powder of shaded tea leaves whisked with a bamboo brush until it froths.

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Tea shop & lab

Come by to purchase our teas, savour our latest arrivals, brew your own tea, meet friends, have a healthy grain free snack, or attend one of our tea classes. Make sure that you have enough time to experience the power of a good old tree Puer. Just by the Danube on the Buda side.

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The tea gardens

Responsibly sourced, artisan teas directly from the great Asian tea mountains. All the tea makers are good friends, and we mean it.

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Worldwide shipping is now available for the decent sum of 8 Eur everywhere.
Free above 80 Eur.

Restaurants and Cafés

Our teas are in exciting places in Budapest and Europe. Contact us for our wholesale list, everyone deserves good tea.

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