Cold brew tea for the Summer heat 

One of the simplest and most effective tea-making processes is using cold water in the hot Summer. If you don’t have a kettle on hand or just want to make up for your daily liquid needs in a more enjoyable way than water, Mizudashi, the cold soaked tea, is the best solution in both cases.
Cold-brewed tea is less bitter than warm/hot teas and has lower caffeine content, but tea has all the other antioxidant, invigorating, energizing, refreshing effects.

How to prepare

To make it as simple as possible, put two spoonful tea leaves in a bottle, pour on water, then cover for 8-10 hours and leave to soak it in the fridge. After a night, 9-10 hours strain the tea. There are different styles, everyone is looking for something different in this drink. Cold soaked teas are generally softer than warm brewed teas.
The best works for us is that the water we use is cooled before and the bottle soaks in the fridge. This is when you can bring the freshest, most dynamic flavors of tea. Since green teas are basically cooling, detoxifying, these benefits will also echo our cold brew tea. Japanese Sencha will bring a greener, more vibrant, while Chinese Green pearl will bring a creamier, sweeter taste. Our Nepalese Spring Tea brings the feel of a fresh white wine, which is why we serve this tea in a wine glass.
You can get a wonderful and special taste by cold brewing old white tea and using tastier black tea while searching for the usual ice tea world. Below we recommend one of both. Many people like to add ice, so you may want to make a dense base with more tea leaves or longer soaking. But if we wait for a little while drinking the finished tea and do not drink it on an ice-cold, we get the fullest taste experience.

Cold brewing tea in short

10 grams, approx. two heaping tablespoons of tea leaves
1 liter of cold water, preferably with filtered or mineral water
1 night in the refrigerator, approx. 8-10 hours, strain it and ready.
You can also try to add your favorite drink to the brew, we like to liven it up with tonic sometimes.

Cold brew photos: Zoltán Dragon

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Favorites for cold brewing