Da Xue Shan 2019 No.861 and DXS Yesheng 2019 No.862 fresh puer teas

Every year we purchase one of our favorite sheng Puer teas from the Great Snow Mountain, Lincang, Yunnan province, China. This year we are currently deciding the size of the order for the new vintage, the tea is pressed into cakes, has settled a while, ready to ship. We thought we would extend this ordering opportunity to our customers.

This year, in 2019 the tea leaves were harvested early April, so the tea has a mild, soft character with many buds and white tea-like touch. The tea trees are 200-300+ years old, while some are even older in the tea garden. The tea starts out soft and tender, but later the depth and craft of the old trees show up in the richness and strength of this tea.

When to pre-order
Between the 26th of June and 15th of July 2019. Delivery latest in early September 2019.

Price and methods for ordering

Da Xue Shan – Snow Mountain 2019 puer No.861

Full 400-gram tea cakes,
original price after the pre-order period: 120  EUR / pre-order 96 EUR / 400-gram tea cake.

7×400 gram in a tong, original price: 840 EUR / pre-order 578 EUR / 7×400 gram tea cakes.

Da Xue Shan Yesheng – Snow Mountain wild tree 2019 puer No.862

Unopened 400-gram tea cakes,
original price after the pre-order period: 303 EUR / pre-order 256 EUR / 400-gram tea cake.

Please note that the price of this Wild sheng has increased quite a bit. It is due to the shortage of rain at the time of the harvest, fewer leaves were picked. Our tea maker has decided to make the whole lot by himself, so the quality could be guaranteed. The final tea is an incredibly soft, elegant but very deep tea.

In Zhao Zhou teashop or here via the internet.


Teas pre-ordered and pre-paid before the 15th of July 2019 can be collected later in September 2019 at Lánchíd street 5.
Countryside and international orders will be dispatched after prior notice. Free shipping on all pre-orders.

On the pre-order invoice, you will find the total sum, which can be paid in cash in our shop or via credit card on our website.

The aging story
Good puer teas, mainly coming from old trees, can be aged for years, and even decades like fine wines. In the first years, we enjoy their green freshness. Later when they age, in the post-fermenting stage, the teas become rounder, deeper, softer. In China, it is very common to buy these teas for investment purposes and keep them even for 50 years. The old tea cakes are very high priced, so it is always a good idea to buy young teas and store, age them ourselves. A tea cake from the 1950s weighing 357 grams would cost more than 7000 USD. We have tasted such teas several times, and it was always a great experience.

大雪山 – Da Xue Shan, the Great Snow Mountain, is in the northern part of Yunnan province, and is home to many ancient tea trees of more than 200 years of age.  There are two main reasons we always buy teas from this region. First, our tea grower friend in the area prepares the tea with meticulous care and artisan methods. Second, we really like the cool and lingering aftertaste of these area’s teas.

We have a selection of Da Xue Shan teas from different vintages. We find it exciting to taste and compare across the years.


Always keep the tea leaves separated from any strong odors. For the short term, it can be stored in tins or paper boxes, glass jars, but if you want to age Puer tea, the best is to buy whole cakes and store them in a relatively airy place with medium humidity. With the pre-order, we provide for each cake a resealable bag, which is ideal for storage.

Teas for pre-order: