Ceylon Artisan Lemongrass No.707 Ceylon Artisan Lemongrass No.707

Ceylon Artisan Lemongrass No.707

aromatic citrus feel with a rhubarb twist
handpicked & cut
organic caffeine-free infusion

Mountains of Sri Lanka

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Ceylon’s historic connection to tea makes it fascinating to find new generations of farmers exploring artisanal tea making. Read about our teahunter’s tale in the blog.

This lemongrass swept us off our feet. Carefully picked by hand, and cut with meticulous care.

The fragrance reminiscent of citrus peel, and ethereal perfumes. There’s an exciting twist of rhubarb in the aftertaste. Helps digestion, soothes and beautifies the skin. Thanks to the organic cultivation and the fine manual processing, it can be made into a very refreshing, elegant drink, which can also be consumed late at night.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 4 grams per 300ml
Water temperature: 90-95ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water or filtered water
Brewing time: 30-60 seconds
Infusions: 3-4 times

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