Chamomile from Hortobágy No.708

Chamomile from Hortobágy No.708

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This outstanding Chamomile tea came from the untouched Hungarian Hortobágy. Vast grassland, flocks of cows, mirages on the hot summer days, and wild horses; this is the home of our wild Chamomile. Read about our Hortobágy specialist friend’s tale in the blog.

We have known the great medical effects – such as digestive, relaxing, and antibacterial impact – of Chamomile for a long time,  but this organic, wild tisane amazed us with its real delicacy.

Amazing greenish, yellowish flowers with incredible fragrance, which reminds us of wild herbs and hay. Lively Chamilla tastes with a wonderous creamy texture, then a hint of vanilla and woody notes. There’s a pale flash of elderflower in the aftertaste. At higher temperatures, the more fruity notes came into light, like apricot jam, and plum. Helps digestion, and has a great calming effect. Thanks to the wild, organic growing and the fine manual processing, it can be made into a very refreshing, elegant drink, which can also be consumed late at night.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 4 grams per 300ml
Water temperature: 90-95ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water, or filtered water
Brewing time: 180 seconds
Infusions: 2-3 times

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