Da Xue Shan – Xi Ya Fine Buds 2017 No. 848 Da Xue Shan – Xi Ya Fine Buds 2017 No. 848

Da Xue Shan – Xi Ya Fine Buds 2017 No. 848

sheng puer tea containing many fine buds
Age of the Tea trees:
400-500 years
大雪山 - Da Xue Shan
Great Snow Mountain
Yunnan Province, China

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A fresh spring-harvest puer containing many fine buds (ya, 芽). The tea’s basic character is dominated by a blend of citrus and lightsome greenness, and is supplemented by a deep, flowery fragrance. It has kind and relaxing chaqi.

Da Xue Shan (大雪山), that is Big Snowy Mountains, is located in the northern part of Yunnan province. Due to the northerly climate has an interesting effect on the teas: they tend to have a fresher, more fragrant character that differentiates them from their southern relatives.

Our friends here pay extreme attention to the process of making the teas. Even for the shortest steps of withering, the cover the leaves with gauze so that they stay clean and unharmed by bugs and insects. This care echoes in the superb quality of every tea they sell.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 gramm per 150 ml.
Water temperature: 75-80ºC. From fresh, spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 5 seconds
Infusions: 10-12


Tasting notes by Chajunkie on Instagram, thank you for sharing.:
” The „Da Xue Shan – Xi Ya Fine Buds“ is a sheng puer tea, harvested in 2017 on the so called Big Snowy Mountain (Da Xue Shan) = (大雪山), located in Yongde county, in northern Yunnan. Although Da Xue Shan is a very popular mountain for puer tea, this tea is undoubtedly a very special one of its kind.
As the name Xi Ya = (细芽), which can be translated to „Fine Bud“, already says, the tea mainly consists of beautiful, greenish and hairy buds, with a delicious vegetal aroma. These delicate spring-harvested buds start off with a diffident brew, that pleases with a floral, citrus scent and a slightly green taste. Nonetheless, brew after brew, the vital energy (Cha Qi) of the tea starts to spread out in the entire body and creates a calmness, that can rarely be found in our hectic every day lives. The liquor has an effect, that lets sereneness flow from head to toe, relaxes every single joint and makes the limbs feel heavy. In addition to that, this sheng puer has some distinctive flavors of cane sugar and peachy aromas, that can commonly be found in high quality teas from Da Xue Shan. 
The outstanding Qi is accompanied by a bitterness, that turns into a long lasting sweet aftertaste (huigan). This delicious honey-like aftertaste, emerges a few seconds after an astringent phase, that yields after swallowing the creamy textured tea.
Due to the exceptional power, complex flavor profile and the sustained sweetness, one may easily steep the fragrant leaves around 15 times and therefore have a long and pleasureful session. However, be aware, that while drinking this tea, hours may start to feel like minutes, and minutes like seconds! “

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