Darjeeling Pearl White FF 2019 No.221

Darjeeling Pearl White FF 2019 No.221

exquisite fresh white tea
first flush Darjeeling

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Our first Darjeeling tea from India.
The Arya tea garden was founded in 1885, and the tea plants are more than 80-100 years old. Its an organic tea, entirely handmade and dried in the sun.

Consisting only of the smallest fresh buds and unbroken, delicate leaves, it is a most exquisite tea. Akin to spring-harvest white teas, it is extremely fragrant, soft, and elegant. Its taste profile is characterised by freshly-cut grass, mild spiciness and an ethereal sweetness. It has a kind and cheerful atmosphere, crowned with an energetic youthfulness. Its strong greenness and high caffeine content have a very remarkable vitalising effect.

Small batch.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 gramm per 150ml
Water temperature: 80-85ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water or filtered water
Brewing time: 10-15… seconds
Infusions: 4-5

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