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Dong Ding 2019 Competition grade No.545 Dong Ding 2019 Competition grade No.545

Dong Ding 2019 Competition grade No.545

medium roasted high mountain oolong
competition-grade Jin Xuan金萱, Milky oolong varietal
Smooth and round, perfect for increasing the fire element in the body.

Taiwan,  1200 m

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Dong Ding is one of the most famous oolong tea in Taiwan. This tea is such popular in the country, that almost all Taiwanese teahouses offer some Dong Ding variety, and the Taiwanese families also give it to their guests.

It was named after the frosty peak (凍頂), which lay close to the plantations. Our Dong Ding came from 1200 meters above sea level. This is rare, because the Dong Ding mostly made of  Jin Xuan ( Milky oolong ) variety and for this variety this is the maximum of the optimal heights. Under the processing they oxidized the leaves only 15-20%, after that the consistent, sophisticated roast came. The best Dong Dings are slightly roasted, biscuity and fresh, fruity, green at the same time. It requires a lot expertise to achieve that.

The strength of the tea is come later, after the 3-4 steeping, we think it could be because of the roasting. So, it worth to give longer time to the tea sessions. It will be a really good experience.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 150ml gaiwan.
Water temperature: 90ºC. From fresh spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 20-25…seconds
Infusions: 6-8

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