Li Shan 2021 No.540/1800m Li Shan 2021 No.540/1800m

Li Shan 2021 No.540/1800m

high-mountain oolong
subtle flowers and creaminess
the wonderful taste of Qing Xin (青心) variety

1800 m
Taiwan,  Li Shan (梨山)

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A high-mountain (1800 meters) green oolong from one of Taiwan’s best-known tea-growing areas, close to the She-Pa and Taroko national parks. The cooler air of the mountain is beneficial for tea plantations and pear growing, hence its name Li Shan (梨山), which is Pear Mountain. Due to the high mountain climate, the leaves remain smaller, softer, and tea is more intense in tastes and effects also.

With the really kind sweet tastes and creamy texture, this tea easily could be our favorite, which is vitalizing and activating at the same time.

Tasting notes:
Steamed gaiwan: deep, herb-like notes
Tastes, feelings: It opens with herb-like, chamomile, sweet tastes, later it turns into nice cereal notes. Sweet mallow, creamy barley tea, and cooked soup vegetables with herby aromas. The sweet notes are constant, the chaqi is soon sensible, and pleasant calmness comes.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 150 ml.
Water temperature: 85-95ºC. From fresh, spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 20-25 seconds
Infusions: 6-8

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