Sencha Koufu 2018 No.333 Sencha Koufu 2018 No.333

Sencha Koufu 2018 No.333

Japanese green tea
Kōfu 万緑 – Light wind

Yoshida tea garden
Uji , Japan

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While in China green teas are traditionally baked, in Japan they are usually steamed. Thanks to this process the leaves can keep their natural greenness which gives them freshness and vitalising energy. The primal slightly astringent, mild violet-like flavour later turns into long-lasting sweet aftertaste. Kind and complex tea that goes well with relaxed afternoons.

One of Uji’s ancient tea-gardens, the Kōzan-ji (高山寺) temple is tended by the Yoshida family for 16 generations now. This degree of proficiency echoes in their teas too: refined and extremely balanced flavours supplemented with beautiful elegance.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 180ml
Water temperature: 75ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water or filtered water
Brewing time: 45… seconds
Infusions: 2

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