Sun Moon Lake Red Jade 2018 No.636

Sun Moon Lake Red Jade 2018 No.636

Taiwanese black tea

Sun Moon lake, Taiwan

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The exciting region of Taiwan’s biggest lake (Sun Moon Lake – 日月潭) is famous for its prosperous tea growing gardens, where making black tea is the most widespread. That is how the Red Jade (Hong Yu) cultivar was born from the crossing of a Burmese Camelia Sinensis Assamica plant and an ancient, local plant.

This tea has a beautiful deep ruby color. The dry leaves remind us of the scent of dried tomatoes but there is also a hint of camphor in the background. We can also explore such intensively floral or bohemian, sweet essences like daylily and cotton candy.


Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5 gramm per 150ml
Water temperature: 95ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water or filtered water
Brewing time: 15-20… seconds
Infusions: 6-7

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