Georgian Teagarden Black 2023 No.650

Georgian Teagarden Black 2023 No.650

legendary Greorgian black tea, our own blend
sweet and baked and nutty notes
hand-picked, organic production from our teagarden

300-500 m
Opurchkheti, Georgia

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Nicely roasted Georgian black tea from our co-managed teagarden. We made this tea from a few spring and summer items, thus we got this special Zhao Zhou blend. Thanks to the flowery notes of the spring teas and the deep tones of the summer teas, finally we have an amazing blend with outstanding flavor complexity. Because of the shorter oxidization and the careful roasting, there are a lot of fruity, and flowery notes in it besides the chocolate and cocoa flavors. Due to the hand-picking and the organic production, it has a really interesting world of taste. We offer this truly happy tea for morning drinks or friendly conversations.

The hundred years old Georgian tea tradition came back to life again when Hannes and his friends established the Renegade Tea Estate. Almost hundred years old plantations, organic production, handpicking, and continuous experimenting between the amazing Georgian mountains. We’d like to introduce this tea from our co-managed garden. Truly happy teas are made in Georgia, which always makes us smile.

Tasting notes:
Steamed gaiwan: cocoa, caramel, nutty notes
Tastes, feeling: sweet chocolate notes with some fiery elements. Later, along the warming effect, it turns to fruitiness. The texture fills our mouths pleasantly, reminiscent to Wuyi oolong teas. We loved the dense texture and lingering oily mouthfeel of that, and we found a lot of happiness in it.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 150ml.
Water temperature: 85-95ºC. From fresh spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 10-15…seconds
Infusions: 5-6

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