Taiwan Primeur Green 2019 No.341

Taiwan Primeur Green 2019 No.341

green tea harvested in January of 2019
Qing Xin (青心, green heart) cultivar


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A delicate, sweet and soft very early green tea, the first this year. The Qingxin 青心 (green heart) varietal is mainly used for high mountain Oolongs, and it has high flowery, fragrant notes. Picked in mid January. Perfect start for Spring. Brew at 75 C to have the soft greens, 85 C is more for the crispy fragrances.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 gramm per 220 ml.
Water temperature: 75ºC, try even 85ºC . From fresh, spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 20-30…seconds
Infusions: 3-4

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