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Wenshan Baozhong 2021 No.547

Wenshan Baozhong 2021 No.547

deep green scents with nice flolarity, delicate throbbing
a real pleasure to taste, and clear focus comes
one of Taiwan most famous wulongs – Qing Xin 清心 variety

Wenshan mountains, Taipei, Taiwan

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Wenshan Baozhong, 文山 包 種, formerly known as Pouchong, is Taiwan’s most famous floral-scented Wulong tea. The name literally means paper wrapped from Wen mountain, which indicates the ancient way of packaging this tea. Unlike other famous oolongs from Formosa, this type was not rolled into balls, only twisted in leaf form.
One of the 10 most famous Taiwanese teas. It’s a great Summer treats for hot days.

We have been tasting Baozhong samples for several years, so far, as Peter used to say, none of them have reached Zhao Zhou quality. We also received several samples last year and this tea surprised us with its unique, special sophistication. Perhaps it also differs from his peers because it excelled in Competition grade. We just introduce the fresh, 2021 harvest of it, which amaze us also. Hand-picked tea, which is increasingly rare in this variety today.

It was handpicked in the mountains near Taipei in May 2021, made from the excellent variety of high mountains, the Qing Xin (Green Heart) varietal. Slightly oxidized only, max. 10-15 %, so it has fantastically retained its floral scents and freshness. Emerald, intense green leaves that turn even darker pine green when steeped.

Tasting notes:
It has a lily of the valley scent, which changes slightly to other flowers later, slight hyacinth, rose, chamomile. Great experience to meet this tea. Its taste is characterized by deep green notes, florality, a bit of citrus, and later some buttery biscuit. Delicate throbbing, focus. A great accompaniment to hot summer days from morning to afternoon. We hope your tasting is as enjoyable as when we first met this tea.

Preparing suggestion:

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 180ml
Water temperature: 85ºC. From fresh, cold spring water or filtered water
Brewing time: 10-15…seconds
Infusions: 5-6

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