Yesheng Hong – Wild Black 2022 No.640 Yesheng Hong – Wild Black 2022 No.640

Yesheng Hong – Wild Black 2022 No.640

black tea with a sweet wild twist
red berries, rasperry and sweetpotato notes
playfully brings depth and calm

Age of the trees:
600+ years
大雪山 -Da Xue Shan, Yunnan province, China

Discover Da Xue Shan - 大雪山 (Big Snowy Mountain) on the map →
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An extraordinary black tea, harvested from wild tea trees (Yesheng) in the subtropical jungles of Yunnan. The wild arbor leaves have purplish color and give an incredible rich complexity to the tea, with a long, savory aftertaste. Drinking it we experience the wisdom of the old trees. Firstly, we bought a small batch of this outstanding tea in 2016, but since then they can’t do this due to the harsh weather conditions.

This year they make incredible Yesheng Hong which is a ‘dan zhu’ (单株), thus coming from one single tree. The harvest resulted in 14 kg of ready tea. Due to rainy weather, the tea was produced with traditional methods, which brings darker, more oxidized notes, closer to a classic black tea.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 7-8 grams per 180ml
Water temperature: 85-90ºC. From fresh, cold spring water or filtered water
Brewing time: 10-20…seconds
Infusions: 6-8

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