Li Shan 2019 No.540/2000m Li Shan 2019 No.540/2000m

Li Shan 2019 No.540/2000m

high-mountain oolong

Sea level:
2000 m
Taiwan,  Li Shan (梨山)

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The premium version of our Li Shan (梨山, Pear mountain) high-mountain green oolong, coming from 2000 metres above sea level.

A long and surprisingly flowery tea, which, like its peer, has a slightly more baked character than usual. Its taste profile is dominated by notes of lotus and nectarine and it has a long, shining finish.

This Spring, Taiwan witnessed unusually heavy rains, due to which the tea leaves remained softer and the harvest had to be started earlier to forestall the quick growth of the buds. Hence, this vintage is greener, more tender and need slightly longer infusions.


Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 gramm per 150 ml.
Water temperature: 95ºC. From fresh, spring water or filtered water.
Brewing time: 20-25 seconds
Infusions: 6-8

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