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Pre-Qingming Long Jing Dragon Well 2021

Pre-Qingming Long Jing Dragon Well 2021

green tea, 龍井
One of the most legendary Chinese tea.

We offer two different grades of Long Jing Dragon Well this year for pre-order.
Both teas were handpicked and made according to the traditional technique.
Supreme is an uplifting, very fresh, flowery blend of local varietals and no.43.
The Long Jing No.345 is made using only the original local variety leaves,
carries a deeper, more roasted nutty and edamame bean flavor.

Minimum order for the Pre-Qingming greens is 100 grams.
The teas can be pre-ordered until the 13th of April and will be shipped very latest by mid May.
Please place in the basket your teas separately for each type you wish to buy.

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One of the most famous and highly esteemed green teas in China.
It is named after a well near Xihu (West Lake) near the city of Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province), around which the first green tea bushes grew.

Last year we have received many samples of Dragon Well from our growers and selected only one. We had an additional secret favourite, which is also arriving this year.

Both Long Jings are from Hangzhou area, not directly from Xihu lake, the West Lake prices would be much higher.
The first one is handmade from the traditional local varieties, the Supreme is a great mix of the original local varietals and the famous no.43 type.

Its production and leaves are also different from the usual green teas. The leaves (one bud, 1-2 leaves) are picked in early Spring and then processed in a wok or baking machine. The most important element of the process is to stop the enzymes: Sha qing – 杀青, during which the leaves are pressed to the side of the hot wok, thus exposing them to high heat and baking. The tea leaves become flat, which gives the Dragon Well teas an easily recognizable style. As a result of baking, the leaves bring more baked, hazelnut, biscuit notes, but it is important that green flavors also appear in the background. To achieve this, you should start brewing the tea at a low, 70 degrees.

Tasting notes:
No.345 – notes of hazelnut, roasted seeds, edamame beans, green asparagus, green peas.
Supreme – very fresh, green notes with flowery scents and light ethereal character.

Its traditional drinking style is in a long glass in which we put 3 grams of tea and then pour the water, then start sipping, refill.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 5-6 gramm per 180ml
Water temperature: 70-75ºC. From fresh spring, mineral water or filtered water
Brewing time: 30… seconds
Infusions: 3-4

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