Taiwan High mountain 1400+ box

Taiwan High mountain 1400+ box

High mountain jade oolong selection
Elegant, floral, uplifting, clean, rolled teas

No.539 Shan Lin Xi 2022     30g
No.546 High Mountain Gaba 2022     30g
No.539 Silence – Shan Lin Xi 2021 Autumn    20g
No.556 Alishan 2022     30g

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In 2022 we have received 3 remarkable, exciting high mountain Oolongs from Taiwan. The Alishan rolled oolong is new in the selection, with it’s mild, enchanting sweetness it really found it’s place in the 2022 row. We have first tasted the teas late August just outside our teashop, and we really had a contemplating afternoon. All this teas has brought to us the sensations we talk so much and love, the relaxed alertness, calm abinding. Drinking these teas we understand why the Chan monks centuries ago started to spread tea culture in China.
All the four types have different approach to bring us to the top of the mountians, but all with great success. If you seek freshness and concentration choose the Spring teas, but if you would like to be quiet and just enjoy nature or a good book, try Silence 2021 Autumn which is the most calming and quiet.
When we first savoured this tea our entire tasting group of eight just sit turned inwards for moments. Thus the name Silence.
enjoy the teas and have a nice roaming up to the top of the hills, and remember to sit and enjoy the view.

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