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Wuyi Zhengyan rocktea box

Wuyi Zhengyan rocktea box

Dynamism, fire, spices and stability
Zhengyan roasted rocktea Oolongs and a great black
from the legendary World heritage tea mountain
4 x 15 g rock tea

No.528 Mei Zhan 2021   15 g
No.555 Gaocong Shui Xian 2021  15 g
No.558 Da Hong Pao 2021  15 g
No.652 Tong Mu Guan 2021   15 g

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Because of the constantly growing interest in Wuyi teas, the division of the area into smaller units was necessary. In this way name of the original rocky territory remain patchless. The plants in the ‘real rocky area’ (正岩, zheng yan) live on a thin soil layer, beneath that layer there is rich mineral content volcanic rock, and the plants’ roots easily reach this. Thus the teas from this area have an outstandingly complex world of taste, rich minerality, and deep, strong body.

Discover the world of Wuyi rock teas while enjoying a sip and reading about the region’s tea story in our blog: Dynamism, fire, spices and stability – All this in a tea

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