2021 Spring teas will arrive very soon

Spring is the most exciting time of the year when all the tea harvests start in Asia. There are legends about the high-quality leaves picked before Qing Ming. We are in daily contact with the growers, discussing about the pickings, processing. Tasting samples, preparing for the new Spring teas.

For a few years now, we have been inviting our customers and tea friends to be part of this process and join our tea purchases.
We offer pre-order prices for fresh 2021 teas so that you can secure and order the best teas of the season.
This time we chose two great puers and five legendary greens to discover. We have also made a Pre-order Green tasting box, including all the 2021 greens.
We collect the orders until the 13th of April, arrange the shipping, and deliver the green teas latest till the end of April, puer teas till the end of May.

Each Pre-Qingming green tea we offer for pre-order can be booked in 100-gram sizes.
The puer teas are in 200 or 400 cakes, so that is the minimum size for the pre-orders.

We are happy to share this purchasing adventure with all our customers interested.

Teas for pre-order in 2021

  50 g order size gram normal price EUR preorder price EUR  
First Flush Green teas          
ANJI BAI CHA 2021 6,800 100 45 35.9 ORDER NOW
ANJI BAI CHA Supreme 2021 10,800 100 71 57 ORDER NOW
Long jing 2021 5,800 100 38 28.7 ORDER NOW
Long jing Supreme 2021 8,300 100 55 41.1 ORDER NOW
Duyun Maojian 2021 11,500 100 76 60.7 ORDER NOW
Pre QingMing Green tea 2021 selection 5×30 g   5×30 g 94 75.24 ORDER NOW
Sheng puer teas        
Mang Fei 2021 200 gr cake 5,800 200 72 54 ORDER NOW
Da Xue Shan Snow Mountain 2021 400 gr cake 4,800 400 114 85.5 ORDER NOW